Monday, August 14, 2006

For whom did the bell toll?

The Old Town Hall

Bell mounted on the side of the old Town Hall in the Market Place, South Shields. Was it used to call people together for important announcements? Perhaps a local historian can supply the answer.

picture, bell on old town hall


Nice bell curly...wouldn't want that to drop on your head.
This bell should also be used to gather the Daily Photo bloggers to your new site. Welcome to the family and Greetings from Châteauroux and Cherbourg-Octeville.
Welcome to the DP family! We've come a long way since a bell called people together! Now everyone just walks around with cell phones glued to their ears.
Welcome to the DP family...are you near New Castle?
Yeas Lisi,

South Shields is on the North-east coast of England about 14 miles to the east of Newcastle and about 8 miles to the north of Sunderland.
For some reason I can't see any pictures on your blog either using IE or Firefox. any ideas?
You are unable to see what everyone else is commenting on?
All of the pictures are links to my account at Photobucket and I have no problem seeing them in I.E. or Firefox, do you have some type of script blocking in your browser?

This is a shame because you are missing out on quality posts here (ha, ha), can anybody else with a more computer geek type brain help out our friend Neorelix?
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