Monday, August 21, 2006

Marsden Rattler

Your coach awaits.

I will return to this theme at a later date.

The Marsden Rattler is a fairly modern public house on Sea Road, South Shields facing the beach and the North Sea, it is noted for it's two train coaches parked outside serving as a lounge and restaurant. The pub is sited on the former route of the "Marsden Rattler" railway line which was part of the Harton to Whitburn mineral route.

Amazingly I took this shot handheld at night without the aid of a tripod, the Konica Minolta Dimage Z3's anti-shake mechanism has it's uses!

picture, the Marsden rattler public house, South Shields


I'm afraid that your information is incorrect. The Marsden Rattler pub situated on Sea Road in South Shields is not on the route of the old Marsden Rattler at all. The Marsden Rattler in fact terminated at Westoe Colliery which is some way from the pub. The inspiration may have come from the old Marsden Rattler but it is most definitely not on the route of the old Marsden Rattler train, which travelled between Whitburn and Westoe Colliery, stopping at Blackberry Hills to pick up whitburn miners who lived at Horsley Hill and Marsden.
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