Friday, August 25, 2006

Silent Night

Marsden Rock at night.

I decided to try a little night time photography tonight and this is the best shot that I brought home. It's Marsden Rock situated in Marsden Bay, part of our beautiful coastline in South Shields.
Bearing in mind the following; the camera is a 5 Mp Konica Minolta Dimage Z3, iso 400, exposure was 15 seconds at f3.2, mounted on a velbon tripod, but all of my pictures were affected by noise. This was one has been run through Noiseware to try and reduce the chroma and luma noise as much as possible. Perhaps it was too dark, well after sunset, perhaps I should try early one morning just before sunrise?

picture-Marsden Rock, South Shields


Wonderful shot Curly! Stunning and dramatic. I love the different colours.
Beautiful shot! Considering that the shot was 15 seconds at night, Noiseware did a really good job.
Well your try at night time photography was superb Curly,well done. Love the 'smokey' water.
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