Friday, September 08, 2006

Away day - Hexham Abbey

North Transept Hexham Abbey

I've posted this larger image following a request from Carlos in Barcelona who took a liking to the Postcard from Hexham, back in August. This is the North transept and windows in the abbey, the organ gantry is on the right hand side. The abbey was founded by St. Wilfred in 674 A.D. and the original church was built using stones taken from Hadrian's Wall.

Picture of the north transept of Hexham Abbey


That's a mighty fine church, I like the fact that it's dark which gives it more character.
Majestic is the only word that comes to mind. (Well, "Wow" was the very first word, but...)
Ah, there she is. An astonishing work of art. The light coming through the windows gives the place the right mood.
I'm thankful for the comments, perhaps I'll post another Hexham Abbey picture in a couple of weeks time. I'd like to show you all the larger version of the monks' nightstairs!
This is breathtaking...great shot!
Very stunning! I love the light coming through the stained glass windows. They are like luminous tapestries.
Gorgeous photo! I likely like your subject choices for the blog. Very nice.
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