Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Final Run

Bob Stokoe

Sean Hedges-Quinn's bronze statue of Bob Stokoe was unveiled at the Stadium of Light in July by Stokoe's daughter Karen Craven. It's a very realistic image of Bob, whom many fans referred to as "the Messiah" after he led Sunderland to that famous 1 - 0 victory over the mighty Leeds United in the F.A. Cup Final at Wembley in 1973. One of the most popular memories of that day is the lasting image of Bob racing onto the pitch at the final whistle to hug and embrace goalkeeper Jim Montgomery, who as much as anyone was responsible for that cup win.
It is fitting that an appeal by fans and the club raised all of the money to pay for the work, and that it now greets fans as they arrive at the stadium.
I hope you like my interpretation of it.

picture of Bob Stokoe statue at the Stadium of Light


Hey Curly:

In my pic, it's just what you said, that fragile costruction is only for shape, there, a man rents umbrellas or sells t-shirts.
About your pic, I think it's a great effect you used to show your view about Bob Stokoe. Here in Peru I follow Premiership League and my club favourite is Arsenal, but a peruvian called Nolberto Solano is in Newcastle.

Greetings from Perú
cool!!! the world is so small, here people loves solano because he had good performances at newcastle, but bobby robson left him go. And what is your shop about?
It was a 65,000 square foot D.I.Y. retail outlet on the North of the River Tyne.

Our customers also included Darren Peacock (Newcastle United defender), Paul Van Zan Fliet (Newcastle Falcons back row forward) and Jockey Wilson (professional darts player.)
I'm dreaming... Or does my way of see the reality change with this picture?
Did you use motion blur or did you ratchet the zoom? Either way, it catches the moment. Nice shot.
I used motion blur (radial) Birdwalker.
I do indeed love your interpretation of the statue that immortalises one of the strongest TV images of a cup final in history.
Bob running on to the Wembley turf, May 1973, after the Black Cats have just done the impossible and turned the mighty Leeds of Revie over....thus endearing them and him (Bob) to the whole nation outside Leeds. I think you've really done it proud (I'm Spurs, BTW and have absolutely no more to say on that subject,except that I was at Wembley that year to see my boys win the Milk Cup or whatever it was then. Cheers!
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