Sunday, September 17, 2006


Entrusted, encrusted, and rusted.

The Middle Docks in South Shields are being dismantled and demolished to make way for new riverside developments. I was attracted by the colours and textures of this chain and padlock, the only post processing here is a little sharpening (although it is not too apparent in it's compressed form.)

picure of chain and padlock, Middle Dock, South Shields


Thus far, it has been delightful. Thank you for the welcome! You're photo of the padlock is unexpectedly beautiful. Well done.

the colours are bright and vibrant though it is rusty.. still some appeal and beauty in it. good shot
Lovely photo. I love the colors. Well done.
Shame about the docks. Another piece of Britain's heritage confined to the landfill. I've never seen a padlock like that before.
Ouch !!!!!!!!!
Wonderful, PERFECT. What to say : a shot i would like to have done. That yellow rubber cover is a plus !

Such a pity we can't see it bigger :-)
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