Monday, September 25, 2006

A new dawn

South Shields harbour

This shot was taken from Tynemouth on the North bank of the River Tyne looking into South Shields harbour, and it shows The Groyne pier and the South pier at low tide, at around 06.00 a.m.

picture of South Shields harbour and The Groyne


I love the color of the sky. And the depth of the photo!
Yes, love to see beautiful cloud you took...
This is an amazing photo! Really very beautiful and I like how the pier bisects the sky and shore.
Very nice contrast! I always love shooting around water, but not much of that around Delta these days :)
Nice Curly! Love how the rocks and reflections in the lower half mimic cloud formations...neat! :-)
Hi Curly, the clouds are amazing, it looks kind of 3D too ;-) Btw, do you turn off the RSS feed intentionally...I just found out I don't have your blog on my feed list...
Hi Curly,

Nice sky and good perspective... I like this a lot. It's a very UK colour sky! Reminds me of Scotland...

Nice work.
Very impressive photo!
Can this river be filled up suddenly?

(I have bad experiences in Aberdeen, at first totally dry river and in one moment you are in the middle of rapids, but we managed:)
Do you know Meeting House in Kinmuck, we have been living in that house one year long time ago.)
Curly, I agree the perspective is amazing in this! Very nice!
Lisi, the blogfeeds for Blogger are on, as standard Atom feeds Http://
Mimmu, actually the River Tyne is always quite full where it enters the harbour, but you can't see it because of the perspective and low viewpoint. I chose to go this low to get a good foreground with the rocks.

Thanks for all of your comments guys and girls.
I like how the rocks mirror the lumpiness in the clods.. interesting!
This is the 3rd time i have come back to look at this, it is simply a superb pic, nuff said. And well done.
This is a truly excellent shot. The reflections in the sand are wonderful and so is the sky. I probably would have rotated the photo by a degree to rectify the horizon line and chosen to focus EITHER more on the sky OR on the beach, but you chose to have both and it really works well too.
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