Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tickets please

Park Lane Interchange

This is Sunderland's primary bus station in Park Lane, It is also the Metro (underground) railway station, so the two link together nicely. You can travel to Sunderland from South Shields either on the bus or the Metro and end up here, right in the town centre. This is what I like about our public transport, it is well integrated. There are similar interchanges in Gateshead, South Shields, and Newcastle (Haymarket)

picture of Park Lane bus station, Sunderland


Very good B&W shot! I like it!
This carries a weight of atmosphere. It's a little bleak, but embodies life and purpose. I like it a lot.
I like the pillars leading you into the picture

My first visit to your site cheers
Great shot like the pillars leading you into the picture
Great that you have good transport, not the London chaotic stuff.
Integrated system, indeed. I love the ease of travel by rail in the UK, which is why I prefer to travel there than go to a strange US city. It's wonderful to be able to get around a place well without hiring a car - something that's impossible to do here. Cool station - it looks so shiny and new.
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