Friday, September 01, 2006

The travellers.

Early commuters.

Early morning commuters take the Metro train from South Shields to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The Tyne Wear Metro Rapid Transit System transports thousands of commuters every day, and links South Shields with Sunderland and Newcastle International Airport. The 17 mile overland and underground travel to Newcastle is FAST (look out of the windows), the journey is over in around 20 minutes!
Where does this fit in with this month's "theme" for DP you may ask? They are crowding the "doorways"!

picture, inside a Metro train


Nice shot, love the rushing green colours out the window in contrast to the grey elsewhere.

Curly, only just found out about the theme days myself.
Chris from
supplied me with these links.

you should look at :

The forum is where you get your site added to the list.. which I only got added to this morning at late notice.. so some sites don't have me on their list.

Hope this helps. John.
Great shot no smiles today
Great shot no smiles today
Enjoyed looking through your photos
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