Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The waiting

Boredom threshold.

Along with thousands of other school children in South Tyneside the boredom threshold will have been reached by now. These two were caught hanging around the circus in New Road, Boldon Colliery. Well the long wait is over, they can go back to school tomorrow! yay!!

picture of girls outside circus in Boldon Colliery


this is a very expressive photo. Great job!:)
Looks very English to me, and therefore you've done well. Like the black and white, it really helps capture the feeling.
I just popped my girls on the school bus, so no more waiting for us!

Looking over your archives, you have some really nice, expressive shots. I've enjoyed the commentary that goes along with them as well.
Great photo. A fine example of photojournalism. Did they know that they were being snapped?
Yes Gail's Man they were aware, but I carried on taking as many shots as possible until they were "bored", hence the more natural look. The first few frames showed them "playing to the camera" and did not suit what I was looking for.
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