Monday, October 30, 2006


picture of reconstructed west gate, Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields

More Roman History

Arbeia Roman Fort stands on The Lawe, South Shields, there are extensive excavations of the site which housed a garrison of Roman soldiers and granaries to supply Hadrian's Wall. The fort also has an excellent museum showing many of the artefacts unearthed during the lengthy and ongoing excavations. This is a picture of the reconstructed west gate, there is also a reconstruction of the living quarters of a centurion and the commanding officer.


tres belle photo, ce chateau est magnifique. merci pour les commentaires qui vont avec.

very beautiful photograph, this castle is splendid. thank you for the comments which go with.
This is great...I love exploring things like this, makes me want to go on vacation!
Would be a great place to visit. Inviting photograph for just that purpose. PS. Had to laugh since I seem to be following you on the blog comments today! Have a good week, Curly!
Good shot, Curly. Those Romans knew a thing or two about designing buildings. A lovely reproduction.
I miss visiting the castles in UK the last time I was there. What a pity. Next time I shall visit them :-)
ohh its unbelievable that it is in such a good condition..we have roman ruins only in Hungary.
The photo is a little other worldly, of if you could walk through that doorway and be there when the Romans were. (Possibly not a good thing, encounting the Roman army of that time up close and personal).
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