Friday, October 27, 2006


picture of Jarrow March Statue, Jarrow

The Jarrow March

It is 70 years since 200 men set off on foot from Jarrow to march to London during the depression years in their quest for jobs. They were led from Jarrow by their Member of Parliament "Red Ellen" Wilkinson, this bronze statue has been erected in Jarrow town centre to commemorate the struggle of their menfolk.


its quite amazing what some people have gone through during these years and even today in other parts of the world and the U.S. - nice monument and hopefully we do not go through one!
Clearly a dismal day but a great photograph - nice perspective Curly.
Terrific sculptoric job.-)
Now we are even on adjective matters :)
Hey, I don't know the artist who created it but it looks quite realistic in details and poses. Jarrow is lucky to have such fine artists to honor its past history. Thanks for info. Keep up that sense of humour.
belles sculptures, pour un bel hommage.
je ne connaissais pas cette histoire, merci pour ce theme

beautiful sculptures, for a beautiful homage. I did not know this history, thank you for this topic
Everyone who survived the depression should be honoured. Thanks for the information.
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