Thursday, October 05, 2006


Great North Run

Here is another picture from the weekend's half marathon. A wheelchair competitor (and there are lots of them) strives to beat a personal best within only three miles to go (Harton Nook, South Shields).

picture of wheelchair competitor, great north run, south shields, 2006


*hands clapping* beautiful and admirable - I dont think I could even run a half marathon, I can only imagine the difficulty of using my arms the whole way!
the facial expression -priceless! good job with the dof :)
Well done to you !
I totaly agree with kris.
great great photo. admirable chap =)

thank you for your kind comments!
Curly, this photo is awesome
I have seen them often. Specially here during Barcelona Paralympics Games back in 1992. They run real fast and are pretty skillful and strong athletes. Good DOF here Curly, and last but not least, Happy Birthday!
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