Monday, October 02, 2006


Great North Run 2006

I know that today's theme day is "taxis" but in South Shields the theme is "half marathon", so I decided to stick with our local tradition today. The Great North Run took place yesterday, the annual half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields which attracts around 40,000 competitors, the vast majority of whom are running to raise money for charitable causes. The men's race was won by Hendrick Ramalla of South Africa, and the women's race by Berhane Adere of Ethiopia. This competitor from the "women's elite" section was captured as she passed the Marsden Inn with about one mile to run.Unfortunately one 29 year old man collapsed and died during the event.

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Wow! great shot Curly!

So sad that somebody died... and he's still young! Any idea why?

Its must be an exhausting marathon... what is the distance between newcastle and south shields?
Thanks for your comment Curly.

This image also evokes the pain and effort that is experienced by marathon runners.

Nice one!
Jane, the course from Newcastle to South Shields is 13.1 miles long.
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