Friday, October 20, 2006

High Light

picture of the High light, North Shields


Two white towering buildings stand on the north bank of the River Tyne looking at our town from North Shields. They are known as the High Light and the Low Light. They were built as navigational aids for for ships entering the harbour in the days before radio, radar, or other advanced technological methods. The ship's captain would line the two buildings up, set his course, and then he would know he was in the deep water channel.
There were two similar landmarks (beacons) in South Shields, only one of which remains.


Hey, Curly. This is beautiful. I's hard to pull away from the building to take in the rest of the photo.
Curly, that's a lovely photo and an interesting story, too, about how sailors would be steered in from the sea.
tres belle photo. le phare est impressionnant (merci pour l'histoire)

very beautiful photograph. the headlight is impressive (thank you for the history)
the buildings stand out quite well and majestically - Ive actually heard of the Tyne!! =)
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