Monday, October 16, 2006

Lowry landscape?

King Street

This is the typical scene in our town centre, King Street is the main shopping area and this view looks towards the Old Town Hall in the Market Square. I took this from the Metro rail bridge which brings the trains in to the station. Do you think this looks a little like an L S Lowry
(Click picture to enlarge)


Tres belle photo de rue vivante.
Le 'old town hall' a l'air tres beau
Well, Curly, this photo certainly does capture the same busy street scene mood that a couple of the Lowry paintings did.
Yes - what about this one of the original Town Hall in Middlesbrough:
No more cars in the street - last time I saw it, in 1974, it still had two-way traffic, always very busy!

I recall that there was a nice shop to get great sandwiches just there on the left of the pic, about where the 4u sign is.

Left South Shields in March 1975 for warmer climes at the bottom of Africa.
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