Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Make ready to sail

picture of DFDS ferry on River Tyne

DFDS Ferry

The DFDS ferry, King of Scandinavia, gets ready for a regular cruise to Amsterdam from her berth in North Shields. This roll on-roll off ship carries thousands of tourists and their cars to the continent every year from the International Ferry Terminal opposite the Customs House (see previous post.) As you can see, it was another grey day!


I have been always amazed at these mammoths. It is hard to imagine all the working hours it gets to build such gigantic beauties and how many workers left half their lives in building such powerful machine. Great snap!
I can never see a DFDS ship without thinking of a completely dissimilar company I once had to deal with DFSD - Dyfed Sludge Disposal. I like the countryside in the background in contrast to the dockyard.
Your photos really present your city well, Curly. I just spent a half hour tracing all the ferry routes from South Sheilds using your map. I have been to England many times and explored much of the country, yet I had never heard of South Sheilds before I started viewing your blog. South Shields is on the must visit list the next time we travel to your part of the world.
I love the colors, they seem so fresh.
Wow, the colors in this photo are GREAT!
Fantastic clear shot Curly, I really like the effort and the result, well done.
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