Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The miner

Picture of mining exhibit in South Shields museum

Museum piece

South Shields once had many coal mines dating back to the Templetown mine, others were at Harton, and Westoe, and Boldon. This is an exhibit in South Shields Museum and Art Gallery and shows a hewer working in a typical 36 inch coal seam, which was physically demanding. All of our mines are now closed. There is a great history of the Durham and Northumberland mine fields here.


Whe have coal trains that go past quite often. I hope the conditions in the mine are better than this!
photo impressionnante, cet sculpture est tres realiste. ce musée doit etre tres interessant.

impressive photograph, this sculpture is very realistic. this museum must be very interesting.

Coming from the portal I thought it was a real guy!
Amazing under what hideous working conditions people have had to endure in order to keep food on the table.
Interesting representation. It is always good that the rough work of miners be honoured one way or another. I wonder what your main industry is nowadays. Maybe this issue is not relevant but it came to mind.
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