Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Neck stiffener.

The Tyne Pedestrian Tunnel

The River Tyne has two tunnels running under it connecting Jarrow with Howden on the north bank, one tunnel carries vehicular traffic whilst the older tunnel is for pedestrians and cyclists. When it was constructed, the pedestrian tunnel's escalators on the south bank in Jarrow were the longest uninterrupted in the world. Now they are just the longest wooden escalators in the world, and the longest single escalator in Europe at 175 feet! You can get a stiff neck just standing at the bottom looking up!


Glad to see 'things are looking up' for you Curly!
J'aime beaucoup l'effet de profondeur de cette photo
Too funny, I cound not figure out what this was until I read your comments :)
I used to hate this place..every morning I cought the 527 from shields to Jarrow and walked through the pedestrian tunnel to Amec...Glad those days are over!!
Good pic tho..
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