Monday, October 23, 2006

Night at the opera

picture of the Customs House, South Shields

The Customs House

This old building in the Mill Dam, South Shields, sits on the bank of the River Tyne and was formerly the Customs House used to collect revenues and taxes from the shipping that used the Port of Tyne. It has now been converted to an arts centre where you can enjoy opera, theatre, cinema, live music, art galleries, comedy, pantomines etc.

It is speculated that at the time of the Roman occupation the river had a delta and this second stream ran through the town from here, the Mill Dam, creating an island which the Romans built their fort upon.


I like this photo very much. Not only because of the nice house but because of the special light too. Thank you for posting this:)
Beautiful building and well captured. I like that the street lights are still on.
the colours are vivid and wonderful, nice composition!
Any phantoms at this opera?
Well I thought Williamstown had a nice 'customs house' ( which I will post one day), but yours wins hands down.. well done!
I love those old buildings, It's so solid and stable.
Your image gives me verry warm feel and still have this cool side from high contract.
Great shot.
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