Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our daily read.

picture of newspaper seller

News Vendor

Catching up on the news, a customer buys our local newspaper, the Shields Gazette, from one of it's vendors outside The Ship and Royal public house in Ocean Road, South Shields.
The Shields Gazette and Shipping Telegraph is Britain's oldest provincial daily newspaper.


J'aime bien ce noir et blanc. Un instatané de la vie.

I like this black and white. Instantaneous of the life.
Yes me too. Are they dealing with Xmas news already??
Yes me too. Are they dealing with Xmas news already??
nice life document! we dont normally see people reading newspapers on the street..i shall scout around :)
This B&W photo makes it looks like an old days :)
nice b&w...

Thanks for popping by...not really little regulated, it is generally like this everywhere we go and to a certain extend ''systematic''... i jus hope the people here will need less of such 'common sense' reminders becos it's not really nice (rather not-gracious) to be reminded to for example 'let seats to someone who needs it more than you' ;) u see?
very interesting..
Newspaper nowdays have no longer only black and white as well. The front page nowdays are full of colour.

Nice pic.
I agree with Tanty!
A very good one! Like in the old days!
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