Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Watch house

South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade

The Life Brigade is one of the oldest established organisations of voluntary life savers in the U.K. They made the first recorded ship to shore rescue using the Breeches Buoy technique. Their watch house on the South Pier houses a small museum with atrefacts from some of the rescues from ships that have been made over the years, I'll post some interior pictures in the future. Interestingly, in the upper room of the watch house there are some small (about 4 inches square) windows that were used for poking telescopes out of when the weather was poor, they were then able to keep a good watch for ships in distress.
(Click picture to enlarge.)


Curly, your photo is great but the resolution look not fit on your blog, can you fix it?
Superbe photo et maison tout en bois.
Nice Curly, and a good history lesson too. Hooray for all volunteers!
Hi Curly. When you do the interior shots please look for the nameplate of the Barque 'Henry Cooke' and the plaque commemorating 'Nelson' the sole survivor. This belonged to my Great, Great Grandfather.
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