Sunday, October 22, 2006

Window Triptych

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Stained Glass

These windows are displayed in South Shields Museum and Art Gallery, sorry about the upward looking view, I was standing on a staircase leading up to them. They were originally installed in two different churches; the two outside panes depict St. Luke (left) and St. John (right) from St. Andrew's United Reform Church in Hebburn, they were donated to the trustees in 1982, the centre pane is from Holy Trinity Church in Laygate, South Shields and was donated by the Diocese of Durham in 1980.

Neither of the two churches still exist.


superbes vitraux.

superb stained glasses.
Thank you for sharing...I love the color of the glass and would be interested in knowing more about the sotires behind the glass.
Ah, they don't make churches like they use to. Not sure if that is good or bad...... :)
I dont mind at all the upward looking view. Such pictures/mosaics/paintings are created to be viewed upward:)
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