Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ancient and Modern

picture of air vent, tyne tunnel, jarrow

Tyne Tunnel ventilation shaft

A reproduction gas lamp stands sentinel in front of the air ventilation shaft for the Tyne Tunnel in Jarrow. Ventilation is essential to clear away the exhaust fumes from the thousands of cars and lorries who use the tunnel every day.
The Tyne Tunnel carries the A19 trunk road deep under the bed of the River Tyne and motorists pay a toll at the North end for passing through, you can view the tunnel's webcams - here
This is the start of a small series of pictures taken in Jarrow.


Curly, for some reason I can't copy and paste a url that I think you might be interested in--I saw your comment on Shelly's Indianapolis blog re. voting. Check the address that
I provided there to see the voting photos I took on a September primary in MN.
cette immense cône est surprenant, une immense batte de base ball

this immense cone is surprising, an immense basic base-ball
Interesting comparison of gas lamp and air ventilation shaft.
Nice Shot, Curly.
Curly, this is a unique structure... big at top and small under
This is an amazing study of lines. Well done on the monochrome conversion too.
I've been trying to think of something to say. This image keeps drawing me back. I really like it.
i love this b/w old/new composition. great photo.
I'm working on an exhibition of post war architecture in the north east. It's not for profit, but I'd really like to use your photo as an illustration of the Tyne Tunnel. It would be credited.

Let me know.
Please feel free to use the image Jimi, accreditation should be in the form "picture by Curly, copyright 2006"
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