Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Artwork Door

picture of South Tyneside Arts Studio door, South Shields

Colourful door.

This is the entrance door for South Tyneside Arts Studio in Beach Road, South Shields, pretty colourful huh?

They are moving soon to a new building, hope they decorate it just as well as the old one. The current building used to be South Shields' only Synagogue.


Yes, it is colourful and very eye appealing.
Very colourful indeed, I love it. There's a painter there writing 'closed' - what do they do when it's open?
cette porte est magnifique. c'est une bonne idee, si toutes les portes etaient comme cela, ça mettrais de la joie dans les villes.

this door is splendid. it is a good idea, if all the doors were like that, that would put joy in the cities.

Wonderful! Wish someone would come paint my front door like that!
Beautiful door.

Hope it doesn't get destroyed when they move.
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