Saturday, November 18, 2006

Catherine Cookson

picture of Catherine Cookson exhibit, South Shields Museum

Dame Catherine Cookson (1906 - 1998)

Catherine Cookson, the world renowned authoress, was born in Leam Lane, South Shields and wrote over 100 books which sold over 120 million copies and were translated into at least 20 languages. You can read more about her - here

This is a picture of a Catherine Cookson exhibit in South Shields Museum and Art Gallery, it is a reconstruction of the small terraced house in William Black Street, Jarrow where she lived in around 1912. You will note that there is provision for cooking, eating, and sleeping, all in the one room!


Je ne connais pas, je vais voir si elle est traduite en fran├žais. merci pour les informations.
bon weeck end

I do not know, I will see whether it is translated into French. thank you for information. good weeck end
NIce shot! My wife is an avid and voracious reader of mysteries. She loves English and Victorian mysteries in particular. She has read every on of Cookson's books.
cookng, eating and sleeping, all in the one room was very common in old poor families in Hungary. Very nice photo..I like museums which create an athmosphere
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