Sunday, November 12, 2006

Field of dreams.

picture of a field of poppies

Remembrance Sunday

Today in the U.K. we celebrate Remembrance Sunday, the closest day to the Armistice of 11.11.1918. A day to recall the sacrifices of our young men and women who gave their lives in the defence of our freedoms and liberty. This may not have been only in the two great wars fought mainly on European soil, but also elsewhere, and additionally in the major conflicts since 1945. The Suez crisis, Korea, the Falklands campaign, Northern Ireland, the former Yugoslavia, and more recently the two Gulf wars, as well as other regional conflicts around the world. We stand in silence for two minutes at 11.00 a.m. to contemplate their deeds, their sacrifice, and our loss.

We do not send our young men and women into battle zones lightly, we do it because, as a nation, we believe strongly in the value and correctness of the action, history will be the guiding judge of how right or wrong our decisions were. However, those who chose to pursue a career in the armed forces, and merchant navy did so of a noble intention, for Queen and country, none went looking for valour or heroics, just to do a job to the best of their ability in the belief that they were acting of the highest intentions.

We use a poppy now as the symbolic representation of the flowering youth who gave their lives that we may enjoy freedom of thought, expression, and liberty, without the threat of tyranny and oppression. A reminder that history has many lessons to teach us, if only we have the will to learn.

These poppies were photographed in a field near Malton in North Yorkshire. I think that the picture shows a representation of hope in the future.


superbe champs de coquelicot et tres bon post. merci pour les explications

superb fields of poppy and very good post. thank you for the explanations
I echo Olivier's sentiments. Beautiful scene.
Deep thoughts and words. I didn't know about the two minute silence period or the poppies representing those lives so thanks for the information. The field is lovely and idyllic and honours them in a modest way. I agree with you that those men enlist to defend something they think is defendable and honorable which is their country, their families and an ideal. I just hope they are not manipulated anymore in the way.
On the other hand, odd enough, this post instantly made me think of poppies and Penny Lane (no offense) so thanks for bringing back memories too.
Lovely photo & post!
I have been wonderfing about the poppin pin for long time. Thanks for sharing :)
Nice appropriate post for the day, wish we had fields like that!
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