Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hallow'een in South Shields

picture of scream mask, Hallow'een 2006

Hallow'een, breaking the rules!

It is only in the last two or three years that we have, in this country, followed some of the American traditions associated with this festival. It seems, that it is no longer celebrated as the Christian Feast of All Hallows, but has become yet another 'commercial opportunity'. Pumpkins have only recently been used to make lanterns with, in the past we always used turnips (or 'snadgies' as we called them). Trick or treat is now the norm with hosts of children, supervised in most cases by parents, trawling the streets knocking on doors in the hope of collecting masses of sweets and confectionery (candy). Personally, I'm beginning to think it makes for lots of greedy little gluttons.

I'm breaking the rules today to show you a small collection of images of how yesterday evening went in South Shields, - and to show off my prowess at carving a pumpkin! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

It was worth to wait for the post. You really have good skill for carving, considering this is only a recent custom. Kids look like they are having a lot of fun and grownups seem to be taking it seriously when scaring those little ones.-)We don't have much trick or treat nor horror costumes. Mostly we see activities organized by kids at school or some small parties in bars.
Fantastic! You've got some pumpkin carving skills! Wonder how hard it would be to carve a turnip?

Happy Halloween Curly!
tres bonne serie sur Halloween, tu as du passer une bonne soiree a te faire peur.

very good series on Halloween, you have to pass a good evening has to frighten you.

Curly, thank you for the invitation to come see your pumpkins and more. Did you really carve those? That's a masterful job.

I loved the rest of the pictures too, especially the one of the werewolf. That's a great costume, the red eye and the long hair . . . you don't know whether to pet him or run for your life.

There was an article in the New York Times today about Halloween in Great Britain.
I think the Scream mask is one of the most spooky ones!

Greetings from Chile
Happy Helloween, Curly...
Your blog, your rules! :) Loved these images!!
nice halloween pics ^.^
in Peru, we celebrate criolla music day and add some of halloween
wow, great and scary ...
Awesome scream mask!!! Scream is my favorite movie!
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