Sunday, November 05, 2006

"The Lights"

picture of The Scotia Hotel, South Shields

The Scotia.

This public house has stood in this location for many years and is a traditional Geordie pub, selling a variety of ales, wines, and spirits. Why have I titled this post "The Lights" you may ask?
Well, many years ago when we used to allow cars, and buses to drive through the town centre, this was an important cross roads, right in the centre of town. Mile End Road, Ocean Road, King Street, and Fowler Street all meet here, and we had traffic lights at this point to control the flow of traffic. It was a popular place for pedestrians to meet each other, and to this day, if we want to meet someone down town we will say:

"Meet you at the lights!"


Cool. In the same way we might say meet you at the clocks, or under the clocks, referring to the time displays for the trains at Flinders Street Station in the city. Great shot and angle.
ce batiment est tres beau, et en plus c'est un bar ;o). merci pour l'explication. bon dimanche

this building is very beautiful, and in more it is a bar ;O). thank you for the explanation. good Sunday

Beautiful building! I like the hustle and bustle of the people in the foreground!
What an amazing building. The design is so intricate. I like seeing the street busy with people too. Very nice.
this is a beautiful building. I never been to the UK but I imagine it like this:)
It must be great to have such wonderful places to sit around good beer. It is curious how the city changes but traditions try to reaccomodate somehow.
Thanks for the explanation which enlights the title. Do you how old the building is ?
Beautiful building. It's nice that the city center was surrendered to pedestrians.
I think it looks better without the lights!
It looks like a City Hall. When the girls get together we usually dine and watch a movie. I saw a Catherine Cookson movie and I believe it was set in Shields.
The Catherine Cookson film that most people remember as being set in South Shields is "The Fifteen Streets".
Remarkable architecture & fine shot.
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