Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pan the messenger

picture, detail from South Shields Town Hall

South Shields Town Hall

This statue of Pan (the messenger) stands above his copper domed cupola directly above the Council debating chamber at South Shields Town Hall. Full meetings of South Tyneside District Council take place here every six weeks. We have 54 councillors representing 18 wards across two Parliamentary Constituencies (South Shields and Jarrow.) The chamber is one of the most ornate in the North of England with hand carved oak paneled walls, leather upholstered oak seating, and stained glass windows, and a canopied raised dais for the Mayor, who chairs the meetings.


mm...the Pan looks nice.and last night I saw the live show of figure skating on TV...his posture really looks like he is one of the figure skater.

Your picture makes me think of C.Chaplin featuring the Great Dictator ...

Thank you for the message you left on my blog. To see what the building looks like inside, I regret you should rent a flag there.
Curly, that's a fantastic picture! He looks so mythic, and I love the copper dome.
A beautiful statue & a very good shot.
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