Monday, November 27, 2006

The train now arriving..............

picture of train, South Shields Metro Station

South Shields Metro Station

A rather dismal and damp scene at the Metro Station on Sunday as a few shoppers come to town, they weren't keen on standing in the rain. I found out yesterday that the day after Thanksgiving in the USA is known as Black Friday, a day when retailers traditionally go into the black (financially). This is because it is a HUGE shopping day, the first shopping day of the Christmas season, I wonder if we should have an "official" first day of the season here?


Black Friday is also a good day to buy really cheap electronics, if you are willing to stand in line over night. Many stores will advertise a very low price on something, but there will be very limited stock. For instance, one store advertised $99 PCs, complete with CRT monitor & Office Home. The catch is that they only had 4 or 5 in the store (they did not tell you the actual number), so you needed to get there very early. I awoke at 4:30am on Friday, decided I would pay regular price, and promptly fell back asleep.
merci pour cette photo, cela me rappelle qu'apres le weeck end, il faut partir au travail et prendre le train surcharg├ę.
tres belle photo, je trouve que le b&w lui va tres bien.

thank you for this photograph, that recalls me that for the weeck end, it is necessary to leave to work and to take the overloaded train. very beautiful photograph, I find that the b&w suits him very well.
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