Thursday, November 02, 2006

Water works

picture of Cleadon water tower, South Shields

Cleadon tower.

Although we are in an urban environment we still have a small smattering of farms and agriculture here. This farmer's field on the southern boundary falls from Cleadon Hills where there was an old water works, the former pumping station was housed in the tower in the distance.


tres beau panorama. et j'aime bien cette idee de profondeur.

very beautiful panorama. and I like this idea of depth.
A little green in the city is a good thing :)
Curly, I finally got the RSS feed to your site working! yay! great photo!
... wow... what a light... very nice 'shot'... very profound prespective, lov'it... ┬┐what time of the day is it?...
some times, when im lucky, I can get this kind of light on one of my photos...
Thanks for the comments folks.
Tr3nta, the picture was taken a little before 10.00 a.m. Shortly after the sun appeared following a sharp shower of rain!
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