Thursday, December 28, 2006

Break in Transmission

Sorry to report that Curly was admitted to hospital on Boxing Day. After preliminaries he was transferred to Freeman where he underwent surgery in the early hours of Wednesday. He has now returned to STDH and is making good progress. Indications are that he should be well enough to return home at the weekend. All this, thanks to the woders of the NHS not forgetting the lifesaving work of the paramedics. The blog should return to normal soon afterwards.

Posted in Curly's absence by Trigger17

Whoa Curly! Sorry to hear of your of your hospitalization; right on Christmas too. I hope they fixed you up well and you can soon get back to life and posting to your photo blog.
Get well soon, Curly. Our thoughts are with you and we're rooting for you.
Curly your friends in Minneapolis are thinking of you. We hope all goes well throughout your recovery.
Get well soon

All the best
Gerald (Hyde)
j'espere que tout se passera bien. remet toi bien et a bientot sur ton blog.

I hope that all will occur well. gives well and has you soon on your blog.
I don't know what happened but I wish you all the best my friend. Take your time and rest. Happy New Year to you an your family. Good luck. I hope everything is OK by now.
Whoa, Curly! What a way to end one year and begin another. I hope that you are going to recover quickly and relatively painlessly. My thoughts and well wishes are with you. I have a Thai spirit altar that I use for a spiritual center in my home, and I will light a candle for you--right now. Take care, rest well, and start blogging soon again!! Best wishes, Kate
I'm terribly sorry to hear this. Wish you a speedy recovery, Curly, and back soon with your thoughts and photos.
I do hope you are well now, and come back home. I'm looking forward to read you again and to see your photos. Thoughts from Arradon.
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