Thursday, December 07, 2006

Coffee break

picture of a cup of coffee, cafe nero, south shields

Cafe Nero

After a hard day out doing some shopping for Christmas presents it was so good to sink into a comfortable chair and enjoy this cappuccino at South Shields' newest coffee house, Cafe Nero, which is almost adjacent to the Metro Station in King Street. I also enjoyed the option of being able to request extra strong coffee, sometimes you feel as though you need a strong injection of caffeine.

I tried to create a 'film noire' look to this late afternoon coffee and chocolate indulgence.


looks deLISH! Could do with that right now.
cela fait du bien, dans ce tour du monde des blogs, de s'asseoir et de prendre le temps d'un café. merci

that made of the good, in this turn of the world of the blogs, to sit down and take the time of a coffee. thank you
Hey, that reminds me, I need to put the coffee on :)
'film noire' indeed-
A smashing success!
Beautifully intimate, warm and rich.
looks like a grande coffee :-), and yes, I need double shot sometimes as well...
actually i like to drink tea more most of the time.
but this cup of coffee is so tempting,with the nice colour and that nice surface...
cool~~ shot!!

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