Friday, December 08, 2006

Long Sands

picture of the Long Sands, Tynemouth


Sometimes when we feel the need for a little change in scenery we get the ferry across the River Tyne and visit Tynemouth. It's beach is not quite as large as ours but is much favoured by surfers. This view is of Tynemouth Long Sands and Church Point in the background. Tynemouth used to have a huge fairground called The Spanish City for many years, but it has now been demolished - pity really.


le panorama est superbe, et le choix du b&w donne une impression d'une photo prise il y a longtemps. bravo j'adore

the panorama is superb, and the choice of the b&w gives an impression of a photo catch a long time ago. cheer I love
I agree with Olivier..the choice to go B&W really makes this photo a timeless classic. Wonderful!
This is a nice B/W shot, Curly.
some old times feeling.

shanghai daily photo
The Spaninsh city is in Whitley Bay not Tynemouth and the building still stands now being redeveloped, rightly the fairground has gone and a school been built on its land. The Plaza used to stand on the sea front at Tynemouth but was demolished because of a severe fire at the end of the nineties. It was a shame tho it probably would have just turned into another derelict building in the region crying out for redevelopment and someone with no imagination turning it into apartments.

Just thought i'd clear that up
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