Monday, December 11, 2006

Papa's gotta brand new day!

Souter Lighthouse, South Shields at dawn

Sunrise at Souter

I was out and about nice and early yesterday morning to catch the sun rising over Marsden Bay, I was lucky, it was one of nature's spectacles. Here we see the sun creeping over the horizon behind Souter Lighthouse in an absolute blaze of glory.
It looks golden and warm, but let me tell you it was pretty cold there this morning with a gusty wind thrown in for good measure.
Stay tuned for another sunrise tomorrow!


Like the colours of the Aboriginal flag - reversed. In it, red is the colour of the earth, and balck the people on it!
SUPERBE couleur, les ombres sur ce lever de soleil sont tres belles.on dirait presque des ombres chinoises

SUPERB color, the shades on this sunrise are very belles.on would say almost Chinese shades

how beautiful the sky!!
red red and red....
even the weather is cold, but really thx and happy to see this wonderful natural view.

shanghai daily photo
What a stunning sunrise. Soo beautiful! Love it!
Excelent composition. I like that warm color.
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