Sunday, December 03, 2006


picture of watch stall, continental market, king street, south shields


Here is the final part of this small series of pictures from this weekend's Continental Market in King Street, South Shields. These guys were from Turkey and offering watches complete with straps.


belle collection de montre. des vraies ou des copies ?

beautiful collection of watch. the true ones or copies?

Oh they are definately real Olivier, the mandarins at our local council would not allow the sale of fakes!
I'm sure I've said this over at someone else's photoblog, but anyway it's such a good story here it is again: when I was in Turkey on holiday I took a look round the local market. One guy tried to get me to look closer at his watches by yelling out the enticing advertising slogan:

"Genuine fake!"

He seemed genuinely mystified as to why I was laughing. I got a good watch though ;)
beautiful watches world...:))
and be careful when you see such view in China...dont expect to find the real ones there...only in the big shopping malls.

shanghai daily photo
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