Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sunset over the Tyne

picture of the River Tyne at sunset

The River Tyne

Taken half an hour after sunset catching the 'afterglow'. You just see the South Shields to North Shields ferry leaving it's landing (centre left) to cross the river to the North bank. This shot was taken from a vantage point on River Drive, South Shields, an old ballast hill.


stunning red skyline~~~
and very nice spotted lamps here and there.

Magnifique. j'aime beaucoup

Splendid. I like much

this is beautiful...I'm going to post something similar know, orangy color, ferry, harbor etc...:-)
another lovely photo!
I could take this photo now on my wall!
And I am wondering, how to take a photo like this - everything is clear and just fine!
wow wow! what time was it over there? sunset's around 7 pm here in Singapore...
Thanks for all of your kind comments:

Mimmu, some hints and tips - always use a tripod when it's dark, set your camera to about ISO 100 and the smallest possible aperture (I use f8) and bracket the shots, one normal, one underexposed by one stop, and one overexposed by one stop. You should get one good one!

Keropok Man, this was taken at 4.30 p.m.
That's a beauty!!
The afterglow comes at this magic time and is great for getting lovely moody photos. Beautiful scene.
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