Monday, December 04, 2006


picture, windswept tree, North Marine Park, South Shields

Bendy Trees.

Yesterday's weather was grim, to say the least. Dark all day with driving winds and heavy squally rain showers, horrible!

I found these trees bending to the breezes in the North Marine Park, South Shields. Picture taken at 16.25 GMT, in the rain, hand held with a little fill-flash.


oh, its a stunning photo i think.
and really thx to take a photo in such an awful day~~
those light in the distance looks also very beautiful.

shanghai daily photo
hier, le meme temps sur une grande partie de l'europe. Vent violent et pluie, mais a ta difference, j'ai pas ose sortir l'appareil photo.

yesterday, same time on most of Europe. Violent wind and rain, but have your difference, I do not have ose to leave the camera.

I *so* want to say "It's grim oop north", but I'll resist the temptation ;)
very sugestive image... i like the cold dolor of the sky in contrast with the 'hot' of the lights...
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