Friday, January 26, 2007

Benny's Pomodoro

Benny's Pomodoro, Stanhope Road, South Shields

Pooling resources!

This is one of my favourite little shops in South Shields, at least it was before the fruit and vegetable diet began! Benny's is on a corner site in Stanhope Road, South Shields and as you can see even looks inviting just after it's been pouring with rain! Italian food of all varieties, I think "Pomodoro" is the Italian word for tomato.


i also think it means tomato in Italian. Very inviting store!
That looks like a huge puddle. Could flood!! But it's a lovely photo and I love the reflection in the puddle.
les couleurs et les reflets sont magnifiques. parcontre impressionnant le niveau de l'eau.
Bon Weeck end

the colors and the reflections are splendid. parcontre impressing the level of water. Good Weeck end
What a rainny day! :0(
Very beautiful photo any way!:0)
You've painted a Monet!
Curly this is a beautiful photo-those reflections are amazing...
Love the reflections!! This is an amazing photo.
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