Saturday, January 06, 2007

"F1" Pit Stop

picture of car was in South Shields

The Car Wash

Now just like in motor racing, now and then we need to stop for a "splash and a dash". The place to make your pit stop in South Shields is F1 Handwash in Mitre Place, Commercial Road, near Tyne Dock.Here there are no automated machines or mechanical brushes, your car aerial stays intact and the whole wash and polish is done by hand by Frankie and his boys, a bit more of a "personal experience" , as I found out today. Frankie has operated this venture for the past two years from this site.

This business is part of the new enterprise culture found in South Shields, you can call Frankie for further details on 07796 332977

If you are planning a photographic expedition - wear your wellies!


A good picture. Evocative and atmospheric with great composition and clever colour manipulation. Very nice :) Happy New Year Curly.
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