Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Green Pegs

picture of washing line, pegs, and back door

Washing line and pegs.

Just viewed through a backyard door slightly ajar, green pegs and a red washing line, was it too damp to hang out washing today?


Lovely photo as always. Cheers.
j'aime beaucoup la texture et l' atmosphère de cette photo en b&w

I like much the texture and the atmosphere of this photograph in b&w
Nice one, Curly.

Don't know if you've gotten out much yet, but have you seen the new film "Children of Men"? This photo reminds of it for some reason. Excellent movie, though dark.
Ruth, (and Carlos, who was asking the other day) I am starting to get out for about half an hour exercise each day and I always take the camera with me. I haven't had the chance to see Children of Men, and I won't be able to for some time yet. I am not allowed to drive my car for at least six weeks and the nearest cinema is not within walking distance!
I wonder why you turned the shot in B&W, as you mentionned the green pegs and the red washing line.
A little bit surprising !
It took me a moment to notice the clothesline. I was also more intriuged with all those wonder textures.
Hi Curly, looks like you did a Photoshop edit on this. It's a nice effect having the pegs and line in color. Good shot.
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