Monday, January 01, 2007

A Happy New Year

picture of the Angel of the North

Dawn with the Angel.

First day of 2007, dawn rises at The Angel of the North. Gormley's world famous statue sits overlooking the A1 in Gateshead just a few miles from South Shields.


I hadn't seen this statue before. I must be a bit lacking in the 'world knowledge' area. I have to say it creates an impressive vision.
Have a great new year Sir Curly!
l'homme oiseau (voir le blog de reflexe pour voir la femme oiseau) superbe ombre et couleur magnifique

the man bird (see the blog reflex to see the woman bird) superb shade and splendid color

Hey, i've seen this statue when we went to newcastle a couple of months ago.
Beautiful colors! well caught.
i read at carlos'blog you had a rough time recently with surgery even. Hope everything is well!
Wishing you a splendid 2007!
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