Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No. 3 Westoe Village

picture of No. 3 Westoe Village, South Shields

Who lived in a house like this?

This rather grand Georgian terraced house is No. 3 Westoe Village, South Shields. It is situated quite close to Sunderland Road, and many years ago, before the age of urban sprawl, it would have been almost on the edge of the picturesque village.
For a time in it's history it was home to Elinor M. Brent-Dyer the authoress of over 100 books, including the Chalet series of popular children's titles.

You can read more about her -

picture of wall plaque


Is that a "For Sale" sign on the left, and what are the two red boxes above the door on the right. They look like mailboxes but obviously too high for that. I'm interested in the brickwork. Looks both colourful but unusually surfaced.
The color and bright reflection on the windows is rather interesting in this shot. Nice job.
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