Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Norman Bates?

picture of Norman Hurst, Westoe Village, South Shields

No, Norman Hurst.

This delightful old house at the top of Westoe Village, South Shields must be one of the largest residences in the town, just take a look at the aerial view via the map link (You might just see the tennis courts and stables to the right of the house).
For many years it was occupied by Mrs. Marjorie Cox, the former Chairman of the Conservative Party in South Shields, often alone whilst her husband "the doctor" worked in Africa for the U.N.

Personally I've always thought it had a bit of Norman Bates about it, so I've tried to spook it up as much as I can (remember Psycho?)


Oh, Curly, you are being unnecessarily macabre. I don't see any dead ladies sitting in the window;-)))
It looks very Norman Bates-ish.
Thanks for comment on NDP, Curly.
Moving to new blogger wasn't that bad. All the contents and comment was there except minor error for comment transfer but I hope it's fixed by now. (Some comments are transferred as anonymous post).
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Beautiful house and I love how you've treated it. Makes it spooky and mysterious. Very appealing.
The house has really very own spirit!
But both house and photo are great.
Can you tell,how old the house is?
bravo, bien vue, en effet elle ressemble a la maison dans 'Psychose'. j'espere que celle là est moins dangereuse.

cheer, seen well, indeed it resembles the house in 'Psychose'. I hope that that there is less dangerous.

Curly nice to see you back! Hope all is well.
Creepy photo by the way. Is there a pond out back hiding a submerged car?

Normanhurst was built in 1888 by the architect Walter Hanson.
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