Monday, January 08, 2007

Prime Minister's Place

picture of William Fox Hotel, Westoe, South Shields

Sir William Fox Hotel

This is the door to the William Fox Hotel in Westoe Village, South Shields, it was the birthplace of Sir William Fox, New Zealand's second Prime Minister. Born in this house in 1812, he was educated at Durham School and Wadham College, Oxford, he went on to become Premier of New Zealand four times before he died in 1893.


Ah, finally got to your website. I've been misdirected a few times. This is a nice Rm. Doric doorcase. I liked the last one too.
For a while, I thought it was Downing Street when I saw your header, then hey, that's not number 10. hehe..
Nice info and majestic door Curly. How's everything going?
A welcoming and inviting doorway, well designed. I love European doors. We don't know how to do this in the States. Bleh. Hope your recovery has gone well.
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