Thursday, January 04, 2007


picture of back lane, Laygate, South Shields

Back lanes.

We could never have had a childhood without them in this town! Every decent footballer honed his boyhood skills by playing "doors" with his street mates. Instead of a soccer ball, a tennis ball might be used, and each player had to defend one of the back doors in the lane. Hit the door to score a goal!
This town has lots of terraced housing, as a look at the map link will show, but many years ago there was an awful lot more, especially close to the riverside, the back lanes run in between each row of houses. The back lanes were very communal, women gossiped with neighbours as they hung the washing out to dry in the lane, "fish-wives" and "coal-men" plied their trade in these lanes. Today, of course, the noise of balls thumping against doors may not be tolerated, but some children still get to exercise and play in the lane, away from traffic.

This lane is situated between Laygate and St. Jude's Terrace, South Shields.


Great photo.

Looking at this, I feel as though I have just stepped back in time. This just has such a great "feel".
tres belle photo b&w, on dirait de l'argentique. Superbe

very beautiful photograph b&w, one would say the silver one. Superb

What an amazing and white was definitely the way to go on this one. You've captured almost as much history in the photo as you provided in the text!
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