Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Ring awaits

Baseline Chaos

This picture was taken at a recent event in the South Marine Park, South Shields and shows some of the "Baseline Chaos" circus performers waiting to enter the ring of the big top. I've attempted to reproduce the effect of an old lith type print, using Photoshop, hoping that it has turned out O.K.

picture of circus performers in South Marine Park, South Shields


Best of Daily Photo features a selection of pictures chosen from amongst the Daily Photo community, since this photoblog is less than two months old I'm surprised and elated that two of my shots have featured in this week's edition, "Cricket, lovely cricket" and "National Anthem."
I wondered why a cricket picture could fascinate so many (cricket is not quite a universal game.)

Marie, who operates the site had this to say;

"One of the criteria I use when I select for Best of DP is, does this image capture something unique to that particular place? Whether anyone else is interested in cricket is another story, and one I couldn't answer. But you did show us a scene that couldn't have come from Hong Kong, Paris or New York. And you captured it well, and it was a lovely shot!"

Old effect...nice!
It looks good! But if you want it to look really old, try adding noise.
I added noise Marie, are you suggesting it needs even more? I thought I'd added too much!
Curly, its a wonderful photo. The different reactions, different expressions on their faces really make it work. The best kind of people photo IMHO.
Curly, thank you for the link and the quote. How long a DP blogger has been part of the Daily Photo family is not a criteria. :)
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