Saturday, October 21, 2006

Burger Bob bogged down!

picture of burger van, B&Q car park, South Shields

Rainy day.

I was planning to post something completely different today, then I thought, why not show you just what the weather brought us?
This is Bob's burger van in the B&Q car park, South Shields just before noon today, it had been raining cats and dogs for at least an hour before I happened upon this scene. It took another hour for the flooding to subside.

"Do mine with plenty relish Bob, and just float it out please!"


Now that's an interesting photo showing an unexpected (I imagine) moment in time.
c'est vraiment impressionnant la vitesse l'eau est montée. cela arrive souvent ?

it is really impressing speed water is assembled. does that often arrive?

That was a crazy photo with all that water!!! i can't believe how much water there is - I hope nothing got damaged!
bugger, burger bob getting bogged down must have been a real bummer, boy!
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